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During 2011, the meeting of aviation enthusiasts, around the maintenance of a Stearman PT17, leads six friends to organize to continue the adventure with other planes.


The idea is to continue our work and maintenance activities on other aircraft, but also piloting vintage aircraft. To combine our common passion with our time of leisure, in full freedom, became an engaging perspective. We then needed to find a hangar on the edge of a runway and create a structure. In May 2014 the association LES AILES D'AUTREFOIS is created.


Two of us have their aircraft instructor certificates. Professional side we have diversified and complementary activities such as mechanic, public transport plane sales manager or even line pilot.


The association is recognized as being of general interest and allows donors who support us to tax their donations down to 66%. Annual membership dues and donations of benefactors are the only sources of funding for our association.




The main objectives of our association are to develop and promote the conservation of the aeronautical heritage and the practice of leisure aviation. In other words, combining the Restoration and the pleasure of piloting old planes left too long out of flight condition.


Without any imperative of performance or competition, we seek to take the time necessary to the fitness, with the rules of the art and with the greatest care possible, of our old machines.


The ambition is to hear them purr, then see them take off on the horizon of two to three years depending on the initial state and difficulties encountered during repairs.





Thanks to a complementary team made up of aeronautical professionals and enthusiasts, we have already been able, within the association LES AILES D'AUTREFOIS, to carry out:


 - a complete overhaul check-up of a Boeing Stearman PT17 with standard star-engine exchange,

   Currently in flight condition.


 - start of the complete restoration of an Auster J1 Autocrat. The fuselage is ready to be reassembled. The wings are being processed.


In addition, our next aircraft to pass on the operating table, a Piper PA11 Cub special, is already stored in a safe place.




The association has given itself the means, by its technical skills and its trainings followed, to provide support and material help to all those wishing to build their own aircraft or simply to participate in the reconstruction of another site close to home.


Many restoration projects never result in lack of time, material resources and / or sufficient knowledge in a particular maintenance area.


Whether you are an amateur, a passionate, a novice or just curious, do not hesitate to contact us via the "Contacts" tab.




We hope you enjoy our site and that it may be useful to you, we wish you a good reading through our pages.


See you soon.