Auster J1 Autocrat SE-CGR

After having completed the Stearman's full check up, we looked for a new plane to restore.


The choice was made for an Auster J1 Autocrat of 1946 found by an advertisement and put on sale by the Car and Aeronautics Museum of Svedinos, Ugglarp County, on the south-western coast of Sweden at mid- way between Malmö and Gothenburg.


We went to look for this old plane, which has not flown for more than 50 years, in November 2014 with a modified trailer for the occasion.


The expedition lasted more than 4 days with pit stops, in-flight refueling and on-site loading of the aircraft.

This is the Certificate of Airworthiness of our registered SE-CGR aircraft as issued in 1958 by the Swedish authorities.


It was repainted in red and gray afterwards.


The dismantling of the structure was carried out and after having been sanded and then controlled the cracks on the penetrant structure we were able to repaint the cell.


Currently we are working on wings and flight controls.


Check out the photo gallery dedicated to Auster and you will see other pictures during the restoration phase.